Tough Question

This is truly a common question with a tough answer. The reason this is a difficult question to answer is that we really need to know more about what your true goals are before establishing a game plan. The question is Do we care about the price more than anything or do we care about maximizing the bottom line? We have found that typically the best route is to balance efforts and expenditures to make sure the end result is justified.

Taking the question at face value, the answer would be very simple to answer. Rip out the kitchen, bathrooms and flooring. Retexture all the walls, paint them with pottery barn colors and put it all back together with very high quality products and fixtures. However, this would assume that you have endless resources and nothing else to do but work on your home. The reality is, typically you have a limited budget, a job, a family, and a life that typically will take precedence over working on you home all of the time. Combine this with the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market pressures that limit the return-on-your-investment (ROI) and the conclusion becomes that the best approach is to redirect your focus from the maximum sales price to maximum bottom line.

Maximizing the Bottom Line

Maximizing your bottom line typically involves utilizing the core of what you have, putting forth some effort and some money to make your home the best it can possibly be within the confines of the current market. Thousands of dollars and months of work does not necessarily improve your bottom line in an effort to catch a larger sales price. We always like to see a big bang for the buck!

There are lots of factors to consider when trying to maximize the value of your home and it is important to talk about all of them. In the end everyone’s situation is different including yours. We as your realtor have to tailor this process to your situation and weigh the factors that are specific to you.

We feel like that you are best served when we give you the information you need for your situation and provide assistance, specialized knowledge, and service that is second to none. Then you can make the best decision that works for you. If you are considering selling your Santa Cruz home, call us for a consultation and we will assist you in maximizing your bottom line as well as selling your home.