BE PROACTIVE in the market analysis of your home-ask important questions like “Why does this comp matter?” Require an honest assessment of your home.

BUILD A MARKETING strategy that is consistent with the market pressures along with your needs.

DEMAND THAT YOU are kept in the information loop- This is your life not someone else’s. Knowing what is going on will help you keep more in control of it.

PREPARE YOURSELF-always assume you will be blind-sided by things that you cannot control or could never have anticipated.

ALWAYS DIG INTO an offer from a risk point of view- counter where too much risk is apparent.

MAKE ABSOLUTELY certain all risk management dates are very tight, reasonable and achievable.

ALWAYS INSIST on a loan approval date and a closing document date a couple of days before the closing.

ALWAYS DOT every i and cross every t in all contracts, addendums and all documents sent to the underwriter.

ALWAYS EXPECT that there will be inspection issues, no matter how perfect your home is. Address those issues as related to your motivation-sometimes you need to just “pinch your nose and do it.”

ALWAYS HAVE a comp package and copy of the contract for the appraiser-it really helps the appraiser.

NEVER AGREE to a possession date on the day of the closing-unless there is no risk to you.

NEVER MOVE OUT before a closing unless all risk is mitigated and it is to your benefit.